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In the Press Room, you'll find presentation rates, photo downloads, news releasesand articles by Trainer, Speed Coach, Author, Motivational Speaker, Consultant, Phil Campbell, M.S., M.A.

"On a cold wintry day this past January Phil Campbell was the keynote presenter and a workshop leader for our first "Wellness Day". This day was designed to provide over 400 staff members with the opportunity to attend a variety of programs examining wellness, nutrition and healthy lifestyles. He was fantastic! He connects with his audience and inspires through his words. We look forward to his return to Governor Mifflin School District." - Rick Wolf **(Results may vary)

featured in
LA TIMES features Phil Campbell's Sprint 8 Fitness Cardio Program in major Heatlh article, click here

How to book Phil Campbell for a "Fitness for a Lifetime" presentation

Email Phil Campbell at for open dates

Speaking fee $2,500 per day and reasonable travel expenses

Special rates are available for consecutive days for large employers that want
Phil Campbell to reduce healthcare costs by inspiring employees to get fit.

 Press Materials

Articles by Phil Campbell
Sprint Cardio

Smart Training Sprint 8
Phil Campbell E-Lifts
Science Behind Stretching
Training Abs
Training Triceps
Sprint 8 Ms Fitness
World Record Advise
Training Hamstrings

Truth About Exercise . . .
What the infomercials don't tell you

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Photo downloads from book

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Weightlifting Image
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Photo of the Author
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Kicking Image

Weightlifting Image
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Phil & Nate Robertson running

Additional action photos from book here

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News Releases

Truth About exercise - what the infomercials don't tell you
Celebrities Spend Thousands Buying Youth
Cure for the Middle-Age Spread
The Ultimate Baby-Boomer Bummer
How NFL Players Play well in Middle-Age
Why Everyone Over 50 Should be Training
for the Senior Games

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or e-mail Pristine Publishers

Newsletter Topics

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Truth about exercise-what the infomercials don't tell you
Welcome to Ready Set Go Fitness

Work Your Muscle Fiber Wall-to-Wall
The Synergy Fitness Sprint 8 Workout

How NFL players play well into middle-age?
It's the way they practice

Tips on How to keep the Commitment
High-intensity sprinting can increase HGH by 530%!
Plyometrics - Developing Fast Muscle Fiber
The 25-grams of Protein - QUICK LIST
Exercise Capacity Predicts Longevity
Senior Games

Sports Nutrition
Gender Differences in HGH Growth Hormone Release
Redefining Age
L-Glutamine helps release HGH growth hormone
FAQ after reading Ready, Set, Go! Synergy Fitness?
Does Growth Hormone Make You Grow?
Don't Forget the Cranberries
Biomechanics and the Feet; John Vonhof
World Champion Healthy Snack Takes a Whipping
Drinking Water - the Key to Losing Weight
How to keep the Resolution
The latest on calcium
Everyone Over 50 Should be training for Senior Games
Reducing Heart Disease Risk with Exercise
Isolation - Key Weight Training Principle

Exercise Prevent Strokes
Working Your Triceps
Love Those endorphins
Yoga for ADD
The Fix for Neck Pain
Roller Coaster Diet
Swimming the Sprint 8 Workout
New Antioxidant Discovered