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Speed Training Resources


The Riekes Center for Human Enhancement
- Teaching the world how to mentor children, teens and young adults through athletic fitness, creative arts, and nature studies.

Yard Balls
- for Perfect Practice

Because you play like you practice...
Yard Balls are limited distance, practice balls designed for baseball and softball. Slightly smaller than a regulation baseball, lightweight, yet heavy enough to throw just like a regular baseball/softball.

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Sports Speed Etc - speed coaching & equipment, New York.

Speed for Sports - Info on speed development techniques and training, Tennessee. -The Trainer Custom Series Exer-Genie Training Systems. Note: Excellent speed training equipment.

The Speed Factory - Speed training for the serious athlete - Mississauga ON, Canada

Strength Sports resources - directory of Strength Sports related websites.

Performance-boosting Speedsoles

Running Resources

Thomas Woodrow, About Running Guide
If you're a runner, you'll want to place this site in your "favorites"!

FIXING YOUR FEET: Prevention and Treatments for Athletes - by John Vonhof. Excellent resource for runners. - Super resource for running shoes and apparel

Highly recommended book
on speed development

Phil Campbell highly recommends this book by Earl Fee, click cover for details



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Ready, Set, GO! Fitness Apparel by CafeShops
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Health Information

National Library of Medicine explains surgery, diseases and tests here






Information on Phil Campbell's Speed Camp click here
Speed Camp Information, click photo

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