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Academy of Pediatrics - Strength Training Recommendations for Children

National Library of Medicine - See the fitness research cited in Ready, Set, GO Synergy Fitness on line at this Website.

 Duke Diet - great health and fitness info on this comprehensive Website.

The Riekes Center for Human Enhancement - Teaching the world how to mentor children, teens and young adults through athletic fitness, creative arts, and nature studies.

Fuelingtactics® - teaching strategies to help athletes outwork the competition.

Dr. - Dr. Mirkin and Diana Mirkin have authored several excellent health and nutrition books. Phil Campbell says this is one of the most informative, straight-shooting Web sites on the internet.



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National Library of Medicine explains surgery, diseases and tests

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National Diabetes Information Clearinghouse

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Substance Books - One of the best Web sites on the Internet!

Free Graphics by Online Web Creations Free, originally designed banner, award and ebook templates

Postmaster General - Automated email newsletter software for personal trainers

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How confident are you? Take the Harriet Meyerson Confidence Quiz. Free Resources for HR Managers, Supervisors, School Administrators and Employees. -The Trainer Custom Series Exer-Genie Training Systems. Note: Excellent sports training equipment.

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Phil Campbell highly recommends Dr Christi Doll's book.
American women are trapped inside what Dr. Doll calls, "The Toxic Cloud of Dietary Confusion." This cloud fogs their ability to recognize healthy foods and keeps them ensnared in destructive eating paterns. Her book helps women connect their poor food choices to patterns of ill health, periods of exhaustion, and their inability to lose weight and keep it off. More info here

Dr. Doll


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