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Reviewer's Choice!

Powerful training method for increased youthfulness, explosiveness and energy by Erik Pålshammar*, MS. BS.

I am a 31 old guy from Sweden who loves to run and to be healthy. Periodically I was jogging up to twice a day at an average pace in order to get better times at 10K races.

A while ago I learned about the Sprint 8 protocol of Phil Campbell from - how it burned fat effectively, and how one Sprint 8-session triggered an 771% increase in Human growth hormone output.

I have been doing Sprint 8 for a while now and the results are almost magical. I look younger, I have more energy and I am improving my 10K-times while running fewer days per week than before. You could say sprint 8 actually have made me biologically younger as well as stronger and faster. - Erik Pålshammar, MS. BS. **(Results may vary)

Absolutely Definitive Information - Authoritative Research
Reviewer, Raafe Rolland **(Results may vary)

Very rarely, a book comes out that everyone can trust absolutely as a guide to achieving an optimum state of exhilarating health! This is NOT a book telling you how to become so muscular you'll just wow everybody. What the book clearly explains is how you and I can stimulate our body to make more of the substances that cause our ten systems to work as they're supposed to - not to continue to diminish every year of our life. The author presents the results of his thoroughly academic and experiential research in the very clearest writing, with illustrations that make certain everyone understands what he means to convey.

After having purchased several copies of this unusual book for gifts, the recipients were so enthusiastic about it that I decided to take Mr. Campbell's advice. The simple activity of using my ConceptII rowing machine three times weekly for the time required to stimulate my own HGH output caused me to enjoy two excellent results: I began losing weight and I felt more energetic. (I'd used the machine for three years, and I already knew the activity was very beneficial. I had not, however, used it for precisely the time and in the way specified by the author.)

After four months, I had an appointment with my endocrinologist, who'd tested me several times for hormone levels - which were quite low. I'd just thought I was getting on in years and thus slowing down. The doctor prescribed a daily patch years earlier, which made a very noticeable difference. After this blood test for hormone levels, the doctor asked what I'd done to get my HGH and testerone levels higher. Bioavailability and uptake had both improved sufficiently that he decided to discontinue the patch for ninety days, when I'll be tested again.

Ready, Set, not the usual exercise book illustrating standard exercises and warm-up recommendations. What sets this book apart from all other health-exercise books is its explanation about revving up the different divisions of a natural system. The endocrine system, which is the body's manufacturer and monitor of extremely powerful chemicals called hormones, is what Mr. Campbell has researched and found to be the foundation, the beginning of robust good health. The body can do nothing without them. We could not grow, endure stress, work, reproduce, or even live. Mr. Campbell's research has discovered and codified ways to optimize the endocrine system - so we CAN work, endure stress, enjoy greater vitality (oh, yes!), etc.

There is a bonus to this optimization, beyond really heightened body functions. The feeling of exhilaration and ebullience that always comes with greater endocrine function really makes it possible for those who want it to achieve a harder body - even if one is, lets say, over fifty.

If someone is like me - lazy and often not so motivated to work my body - Mr. Campbell's advice is the most thoroughly researched and most clearly presented I've encountered. I wish I could meet the man.

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I just finished reading Phil Campbell’s Ready, Set, GO! Synergy Fitness program and I have to say, I’m totally blown away. I’d be an understatement to say that I’ve read a few health and fitness manuals in my time and have always struggled to put together pieces to the fitness puzzle. Phil does just this for his readers.

In the beginning chapters I found myself in awe and saying: “Wow! That just makes total sense!” Yet, by the end of the book my dialogue became more like: “Hey! I wish I’d written that!” In his 384 page, fully illustrated book, Phil gives everyone the keys to the fitness club. You'll need only purchase, read and apply!

See Phil Campbell interviewed about Sprint 8 cardio
on Colorado & Company Denver Channel 9 here
(windows media player)

In my humble opinion, one of the finest fitness pearls mined by Ready, Set, Go! is Phil's answer to one question: "What do we do with an athlete over 30?" His answer? Give them anaerobic exercise! Yet, I don't want to give away too many secrets here.

Well, okay here's just a couple more...

In this well organized, lifetime fitness manual Phil will also show you:
-Research by research account of the body’s physiology and how it ages
-How to prevent the body’s aging process by stimulating growth hormone naturally
-Guidelines for resistance training and competition performance
-As well as a straight forward fitness regimen backed by solid research

My suggestion: Get your hands on Phil’s book to devour all the details. I think you’ll find (as I have) the only limit to tapping the fountain of youth - is your own ambition. - Review By Laura M. Turner**(Results may vary)

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"Ready Set Go Fitness" is a real breakthrough in the health industry. His recommendations are sound and exercise routines are extremely effective." -Chad Tackett*, Global health & Fitness**(Results may vary)

"Finally, an accurate book that is sure to improve your health and performance!" - Chad Barnhart,**(Results may vary) AFTA Fitness

Review of "Ready, Set, GO! Synergy Fitness"
by Renee Kennedy*, Editor NutriCounter
**(Results may vary)

If you have reached a weight loss plateau,
Phil Campbell's new book may be exactly what you need to pump up your fitness routine. Even if you don't know the first thing about exercise, this book will help you map out a fitness plan.

The book is wonderfully geared to adults of ANY age. Phil is 50; he has proven that you don't have to be 20 years old to get healthy and look fantastic.

Some highlights of the book include five different fitness plans, the Sprint 8 Workout, and pictures of the recommended exercises. He also gives specific advice on how to keep your fitness routine working for you even after you've stopped working out.

Phil backs up everything he says with references to scientific research. There isn't one bit of advice that he hasn't backed up with a research reference. He has done his homework and it shows.

I'm using Phil's second level fitness plan and applying much of the advice in his book. (I've applied his plan to my home workout - I've never set foot in a gym.) I have discovered that I actually do have muscles in my abdomen! Write to me and tell me that his Sprint 8 Workout doesn't leave you totally exhilarated!

"Ready, Set, GO! Synergy Fitness for Time-Crunched Adults" by Phil Campbell is available at Amazon, and Barnes and Nobles. Visit Phil's site to learn more:

"This is an excellent fitness workbook for anyone... Along with photos of people performing the actual exercise, there are explicit descriptions of how the exercise should be done correctly and why!" - Lisa, managing editor - BOOK REVIEW CAFE (results may vary)

Top 10 Reviewer
Joanna Daneman* (results may vary)

Why, oh, why, do we blimp out after 30? Even when I was active, lifting weights and exercising regularly, I still found I gained weight steadily after 35 years old? Is it just in our genes?

Author Phil Campbell reveals some interesting scientific findings here, and he provides practical 3 to 5 hour a week work outs designed to combat middle age spread. The cover picture is of the author who looks rather like a super-fit version of former President Clinton. It certainly seems to work for him—and he is fifty.

Campbell discusses how growth hormone, banned from drug-free athletic competition, is responsible for keeping that middle-age spread at bay. But short of illegal injections in Mexico, what can a middle-aged person do to boost their growth hormone naturally and reap the fitness benefits?

New medical discoveries show that you can significantly increase GH naturally. Very specific forms of exercise, some nutritional supplements, and adequate sleep, will increase levels of the hormone naturally, even in older people.

Some interesting findings are that eating properly before and after exercise can either boost or inhibit growth hormone. For example, if you eat a Big Mac, fries and then go work out, and two hours afterwards, down the supersized coke or drink Gatorade, you can kiss results good-bye. The combination of high fat before and high sugar after exercise prevent the release of tiny amounts of growth hormone, which puts on muscle and improves athletic performance.

The exercise programs here range from about 3.5 hours for beginners up to 5 hours for enthusiasts. But at first blush, the workouts seem excessively technical. They range from aerobics, to “plyometrics” which are exercises that boost fast-twitch muscle—the muscle type that fades away with age. And then there are weights. The book shows Mr. Campbell tossing javelins, doing karate kicks (another of his areas of expertise), bounding and otherwise flying about. This can be discouraging if you are a couch potato, but dream of being fit (me, for example.)

The “Strategic Fitness Plans” are five different fitness levels- based on your age, your current fitness status, and training experience. If you intend to follow this program, you should visit your physician first if you are tremendously out of shape. Some of the exercises here can get you hurt if you don’t go at them correctly (the bounding can whack your ankles.) And a personal trainer, if available, would be a real asset. There is a lot here—flexibility, fast movement (sprinting, fast cycling), weights and more. It seems complicated at first, but a complete exercise program should at least contain stretching, aerobics and weights, so here you are adding the fast-twitch stimulating exercises to combat that middle-age metabolic monster.

If you are SERIOUS about wanting to beat aging and get or stay in the best shape, and are noticing that age is beginning to take a toll, this book could be very helpful.
I predict Campbell's book will become the next exercise bestseller!

by Mandy Gibbons*, The Virtual Fitness Trainer

If you've ever been just the slightest bit curious about how human growth hormone can increase your health and fitness then you've got to experience this book for yourself.

Phil Campbell's straight forward approach to educating you on how you can naturally increase your human growth hormone will undeniably shock you with just how simple it is to achieve.

Other than being living proof himself at 50yrs, with a body that looks like it's straight from the cover of a muscle / fitness magazine, Phil instructs you step by step through your time efficient fitness plan.

"Ready, Set, GO!" caters for those of you who are just starting out in your journey to get into shape through to advanced routines that would challenge the most experienced of athletes.

When I read Phil's book not only was it a relief, it was so refreshing to come across someone who is making a stand and breaking away from the "old school" type health and fitness programs. I am a firm believer in the techniques that Phil uses within his book all of which have been tried and proven.

Along with offering you lots of variety and flexibility with your routines "Ready, Set, GO!" is jam-packed with exercises complete with written instructions and photos, not to mention the careful detail to training safely and effectively. And if that isn't enough Phil even lets you in on on some "no holds barred" advise on how you can maximise your Human Growth Hormone release during training.

If you're looking for a new approach to slashing body fat, increasing lean muscle mass and taking your fitness to a new level - then grab a copy of Phil Campbell's "Ready, Set, GO!" today.

Australia's Mandy Gibbons
**(Results may vary)

BOOXS Review of Good Books
by Geoff Rotunno*, Managing Editor (results may vary)

Lean and mean workbook outlining Campbell’s Synergy Fitness plan for time-crunched adults, a fluffless, step-by-step guide that promises four main how-to’s: Increasing the body’s anti-aging growth hormone naturally; looking years younger while achieving optimum health and fitness, developing a sprinter’s physique at any age; and rediscovering the energy of youth.
A well-illustrated and explained in-your-face rant that pushes the aerobics crowd to an all new level.

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The interesting argument in this attractive and thorough (and well-researched, by the way) fitness training book is the idea that anaerobic exercise will promote the release of the Human Growth Hormone in our bodies and thereby lead to weight control and a reversal of the metabolic slow down associated with aging beginning in our middle years.

Anaerobic exercise (as contrasted with aerobic exercise) is sprint training, not endurance training. When we sprint we use muscle fibers that Campbell identifies as "fast type IIx" as opposed to "slow type I" used in long distance running. The use of these "fast twitch" muscles leads to the increased production and release of the growth hormone. Since it is all the rage in some circles (e.g., Hollywood) to take injections of the growth hormone at a cost of about $12,000 a year (it is not effective taken orally), a program that allows us to produce the growth hormone naturally would be a godsend. Our bodies as we grow older produce less and less of the growth hormone and this has been linked to what Campbell calls "somatopause," the well-known phenomenon leading to weight gain, middle-age spread and a slower metabolism.

I have little doubt that if my body would produce more growth hormone I would be able to control my weight and perhaps look and feel better. I feel pretty good as I am, but since I gave up playing basketball five years ago, I have gained about 12 pounds. It's worse than that, however, because I have lost probably about ten or 15 pounds of muscle mass, so in fact I am now carrying around 25 to 30 more pounds of pure fat! I was able to control my weight with the sort of ease that Campbell describes in this book when I was playing basketball (which is sprinting and more) three times a week. I could (as Campbell claims he can) eat whatever I wanted whenever I wanted, and never had to worry about my weight. I realized in a flash while reading this book that indeed what I had been doing playing basketball was anaerobic exercise.

The essence of Campbell's program--or at least the part that interests me--calls for no high fat foods one hour before anaerobic training and no sugar foods for two hours afterward. This will stimulate fat-burning. I know from personal experience that this is true. When you're doing some serious anaerobics three or four times a week, you just naturally eat less, and less often. I always thought this was because my system made me less hungry because it didn't want to divert its energies to the digestion of any more food than was necessary. But perhaps it is the release of the growth hormone that leads to the desire to eat less.

Regardless of how this works, it does work. But the problem for someone older than Campbell (he's fifty) is that it is very, very difficult to engage in a training program that involves sprinting because it too easy to pull, tear or strain muscles which take a relatively long time to heal. This is the "catch-22" of growing older. It's hard to exercise enough to get into and stay in shape because you're always coming up lame. However, Campbell presents a carefully balanced and well-thought out program that just may allow those over fifty to get into shape and exercise anaerobically on a regular basis. (This program will definitely work for those younger who are in good health.)

He uses the trendy word "synergy" in the title because he believes it is the synergistic effect of the total program, including weight training, proper diet and the combination of anaerobic and aerobic exercise that leads to fitness and an increase in the production of the growth hormone.

Bottom-line question: Will this work? Quick answer: I don't know. Campbell himself is the very picture of health with the well-muscled, but lean body of a decathlon champion. When I was fifty I too was in great shape (although I was not as strong as Campbell), and looking back I can say that it was playing basketball on a regular basis that did it. I can no longer play basketball but perhaps I can sprint and weight train. I'm going to give it a try.

Book Review
Ready, Set, GO! Synergy Fitness

by Dwayne Hines*, II, CPT, national fitness writer
**(Results may vary)

This book is a total departure from the traditional approach to fat loss? Phil Campbell’s blockbuster new book, Ready, Set, Go! Synergy Fitness takes an effective stab at the prevailing wisdom in the fitness world.

Ready, Set, Go! Synergy Fitness is a revolutionary concept for fat loss and lean muscularity. Campbell focuses on the key area of growth hormone release through two familiar channels - diet and exercise, but via unconventional means.

Campbell acknowledges the effectiveness of growth hormone intake via chemical means, but also points out the dangerous side effects and offers a better alternative - using specific dietary and exercise practices to manipulate growth hormone release in a natural manner. It is anaerobic exercise that will promote the release of the Human Growth Hormone in a manner that works with, not against, the health of the body.

Ready, Set, Go! Synergy Fitness is a radical new approach to shaping the ultimate physique. It contains the program for drastically changing your body for the better.

The book is also full of various weight training exercises, plyometric training routines, sprinting and stretching exercises to provide the body with a total package. The book contains over 350 pages and sells for $19.95 in most major stores.

The average Amazon book review customer ranked the book as a five star rating (highest possible). If you are looking for an effective way to burn off fat and boost muscularity, grab a copy of Ready, Set, Go! Synergy Fitness.

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Review by Thomas Woodrow,
Running Guide **(Results may vary)

What in the world is "Synergy Fitness?" "Synergy Fitness is a set of ten strategies based on current medical research (with no gimmicks, no fluff) to lead you to the highest level of fitness possible - in the shortest amount of time."

So what does this all really mean to all of us runners, anyway? Haven't we found the "fountain of youth?" Don't we all know the secret of getting the most from our training as we age? Oh! That's right. We will never get old as long as we run, will we?

So who are we all kidding? First off not all of us are long time "experienced" runners. There are thousands of budding middle age athletes out there on the roads and trails trying to recapture a breath of that youthful feeling we all once had. Just take a look at the About Running Forums if you don't believe me. There are numerous posts from men and women, alike, who are wondering why they just can't seem to lose the weight as quickly as they once did.

Well look no further. Ready, Set, GO! is just the reference and guide you are looking for. Phil Campbell takes us on a guided tour (every step an important one) to prepare us for "Synergy Fitness."

From Understanding "Growth Hormone" and "Rediscovering the Energy of Our Youth" to "Building Our Own 'Strategic Fitness Plan,'" "Energizing Endurance" and "Accelerating GH Release with Anaerobics" (Psst! The Fountain of Running Youth?)

we are led into a world of strength, vigor and power in our daily lives. The Ten Steps are topped off with "Strategic Fitness Plans" and "Training Logs" culminating with an "Eight Week Commitment."

I don't care if you are a professional runner, the local running hero or simply another one of us "back of the packers" looking to "turn the corner" I absolutely guarantee you will NOT be able to put this book down - nor will you want to!

Heartland Book Review

"Ready, Set, Go! Synergy Fitness for Time-Crunched Adults is the fitness book for us middle-aged baby boomers. It focuses on the natural re-energizing of our bodies growth hormone production, which is critical for anti-aging.

The instructions take into account all levels of fitness and non-fitness. It is sensibly written and has an immense amount of research data to back up everything it advises.

Where this book is different from many is in its focus on the intensity of exercise which is required to see results and in the importance of planning and timing. This guide takes a whole-body and a varied type-exercise approach to fitness.

The author is a highly qualified expert who gives out trustworthy, knowledgeable guidance. This is like having your own personal trainer."

 - Bob Spear*, Chief Reviewer and Publisher Heartland Reviews

NOTE: Bob Spear is a nationally recognized self-defense expert. He is a 7th degree black belt in Hapkido, and has presented at the Olympic Scientific Congress.**(Results may vary)

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*Testimonials are individual experiences reflecting personal experiences of those who have used our information and programs. Individual results vary. More info on disclaimer here

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An award-winning home fitness equipment company - now features Phil Campbell's cardio "Sprint 8" program on their fitness bikes, elliptical trainers & treadmills.

"I can't say enough about how great our Vision Fitness® treadmill is. My wife and I purchased it to start getting a little exercise. Upon learning about the SPRINT 8 Challenge, we decided to dig in and take our health more seriously. The challenge was a lifesaver because our baseline labs showed my cholesterol was 302! In an effort to avoid going on cholesterol-lowering medication, I did everything I could. In less than six weeks of using the SPRINT 8 feature daily, my cholesterol went down 84 points… I lost 20 lbs. and feel great! I've told many people about my treadmill, and my brother-in-law is ready to buy! My wife, my doctor, and I are all amazed with the results of your program."
- Daniel Edwards, Shawnee, Kansas
(results may vary)