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Best Weight Loss Resources


- teaching strategies to help athletes outwork the competition

Help for Child Obesity- Summer fitness camp for children of all ages, offering useful articles and tips about kids weight loss.

The Successful Body System ... Real Weight Loss for Real Women! Finally, A realistic, no-nonsense and natural approach to weight loss that works 100% of the time. Sign up now for a FREE mini-course about how to lose body fat fast!

Weight Loss by Healthy Performance
is about healthy living, peace of mind, and your Healthy Performance. Program and products designed to cover all age groups.

Weight Loss, Bodybuilding, Training -
Gary Matthews from Australia offers weight loss programs for obesity. Also weight gain, bodybuilding, and weight training programs.

Atkins Diet & Low Carbohydrate Info - Information and links on Atkins Diet and variety of low carb diets and weight loss programs.

Weight Loss Ebook - Information on fast weight loss, tips and the low carb diet. Learn about Dr. Atkins' Diet and Atkins Diet menu.

New You Wellness Weight Loss - Weight loss bars and supplements you've been looking for. Great tasting, satisfying & packed with protein.

Health Nutrition - Ready for Optimum Health Nutrition? For all your Weight Loss, Sports & Fitness and Preventive Nutrition.

Weight Loss Programs - Weight loss programs lose weight fast all natural diet patch with or without weight loss programs.

The South Beach Diet - The South Beach Diet - Lose 8 to 13 pounds in 2 weeks

Diet - Coach Joy will inspire you with the encouragement she found as she struggled with losing weight

Discounted Atkins Baking Products

TrimSpa and Trim Spa Diet Pills - Achieve A Leaner, Sexier You!

Atkins Diet Plus - World's most popular weight loss systems!

Weight Loss Connection - Weight loss support, custom diet and fitness plans, motivation, tips, articles and more! FREE Personal Weight Analysis. - Lose weight fast with these natural products and systems. - Get the latest information on weight loss, diet, health, fitness and more to help you lose weight successfully.

Weight Loss Resources - TONS of Free weight loss programs, recipes, information. - Craving and Hunger Extinction Program

Weight Loss - The Weight Loss Institute offers information on weight loss, and sales of diet products. - Large selection of bodybuilding & weight loss supplements at discounted prices. - Offers useful weight loss information, tips, diet plans, tools and resources. The great thing is, all of that for free!

Nutrition Resources

Allison & - struggling with food or weight issues? Nan Allison,MS, RD, LDN is quoted in 1st & 2nd edition of Ready, Set, GO! Synergy Fitness - Canada's Ambassador of Sports Nutrition, Health & Fitness.

Colgan Institute - Top rated sports nutrition Web site - Great Web site for information and fitness equipment.
- models other cultures whose people are healthier and slimmer. - Very Informative Web site

Exercise and - Internet's comprehensive list of exercise and weight loss professionals, products, services, and articles.

Weight Loss Help Guide - Get Some Healthy Weight Loss Help Tips.

Zone Diet Recipes - Lose weight and feel great at FormulaZone! Zone Diet Recipes, Menu Planners, a Discussion Forum, Recipe Tools.

Weight Loss - Get free meal and workout plans to get in shape at the weight loss guide. Voted Best Online Weight Loss Program!

Weight Loss Help Australia - Weight loss and diet help. Covers diet, boosting metabolism, low carb diets, protein. Great tips for everyone.

Diet and Dieting - Diet Reviews on diet programs, pills, resources and much more!

Diet Reviews Zone - Diet Reviews on diet programs, pills, resources and much more! - Excellent Web site for supplements. Recommended. - Highly recommended Website for information on supplements.

Protein Bars & Protein Powder - Guide to buying Protein Supplements. Detailed information and FAQ
. - Discounted and Wholesale top brand name Bodybuilding, Fitness and Health Supplements worldwide.

Win International Supplements - Dr. Tim Berry's Web site. Great resource for supplement information. - Learn the essential knowledge for good nutrition and healthy living. Unbiased reviews on nutritional supplements.

Dr. John Maher Website RX for

Alternative Medicine to balance your immune system -
Wake up to a brand new life with Immune Support 26, and BioChoice.

- nutritional supplements & household products.
- Weight-loss and Bodybuilding supplements at Wholesale

UniCity Network
- nutritional supplements

Healing America's products offer a unique method of strengthening the body--Scalar Enhancement

Bodyworks Nutrition
- Large selection of bodybuilding and weight loss supplements at discounted prices.

Better Health & Nutrition = MA+ Complex - In our search for better health, nutrition is often over looked. Fight back with MA+ Complex.


Health Information

National Library of Medicine explains surgery, diseases and tests here  


Phil Campbell highly recommends Dr Christi Doll's book.
American women are trapped inside what Dr. Doll calls, "The Toxic Cloud of Dietary Confusion." This cloud fogs their ability to recognize healthy foods and keeps them ensnared in destructive eating paterns. Her book helps women connect their poor food choices to patterns of ill health, periods of exhaustion, and their inability to lose weight and keep it off.
More info here

Dr. Doll

  Click here to visit Jami Bernard's Website and learn about her adventure in weight loss.

Phil Campbell highly recommends Jami Bernard's The Incredible Shrinking Critic: 75 Pounds and Counting: My Excellent Adventure in Weight Loss

This book is about big-time weight loss and about losing it for good. Even if you're just struggling to lose a few extra pounds, Jami's advice may help keep a slow creep of pudge from becoming a mudslide. For those who are considering serious weight loss, Jami suggests reasonable goals and ideas for long-term strategies. This book is about changing habits, eating responsibly, and becoming more active. Jami inspires readers throughout the book with tips, stories, and recipes. Click here for more info.

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