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Best Personal Trainers



Elite Mobile Fitness - Top in-home trainers in Metro Denver (including Douglas County). Visit the web site or call Victoria Torok 303.369.5378

Personal Exercise Programs - Veritas Fitness Group is dedicated to helping our customers achieve optimal health through fitness training programs customized to their needs, schedules and expectations.

AFTA Fitness Certification- Tons of valuable info on this Website

Personal Fitness Trainers - One of the Leading Personal Fitness Training & Bodybuilding Centres in London.

Aerobics and Fitness Association of America

American Council on Exercise

International Fitness Professionals

Online Personal Trainer - Postnatal Fitness Classes A personal fitness & online health resource for women. Body First offers personal training & toning services, exercise dvds, exercise videos, workouts, women's health products and pregnancy exercises.

Valley Personal Fitness - Bakersfield, CA is a Personal Training and Kickboxing company in ready and willing to assist, teach and guide you through a customized program.

40 - Speed training Web site

Christian Finn UK fitness Website - Informative Web site - continuing education for certified trainers

Workouts For - online personal training to help you lose weight, tone-up, build muscles, increase stamina, & more. Custom exercise programs. - Christian fitness company that believes fitness is physical, emotional & spiritual.

Custom Bodies - Personal Trainers in St. Petersburg, Fl. provide inspiration and programs with Guaranteed results. - Solid resource
- BetterU, Inc. Free Fitness and Exercise Information and Online Personal Training - Excellent Web site.

Postmaster General
Automated email newsletter software for personal trainers

Health Information

National Library of Medicine explains surgery, diseases and tests here





Online Personal Training by Morrison Muscle - Online Personal Training to meet all of your fitness needs!

Virtual Fitness Trainer - Personal Training and Health and Fitness Package. Start on your Health and Fitness Goals today!

Fitness Equipment- Dumbbells, barbells - PowerBlocks are adjustable weight dumbbells for dumbbell workout, dumbbell exercises, dumbbell workouts & dumbbell training.

Optimal Fitness Center
San Carlos, CA
- Offers proven programs for weight management, rehabilitation, stress reduction and athletic performance -

Personal Trainer Arizona, Phoenix, Scottsdale Scott White - The fitness trainer that will get your whole body healthy. - A leading fitness Web site in Australia

The Natural Fitness Trainers Association!

Eternally Transformed Fitness - The Body settles where the mind resides - cardio kickboxing class for beginners, intermediate & advanced.

Bakersfield, CA  Personal Training - Dr. Cristi Doll, clinical nutrition practitioner and personal trainer in Bakersfield uses Ready Set Go Fitness training strategies for her clients. Email: (661) 706-6836

Speed Training

The Speed Factory - Speed training for the serious athlete - Mississauga ON, Canada

The Riekes Center for Human Enhancement - Teaching the world how to mentor children, teens and young adults through athletic fitness, creative arts, and nature studies.

Fuelingtactics® - teaching strategies to help athletes outwork the competition.

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