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Fitness Resources


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Fuelingtactics® - teaching strategies to help athletes outwork the competition

Body building supplement - An educational site providing useful information on health and fitness.

Sportsmith - The largest supplier of quality fitness equipment parts, innovative strength and personal training products. - one of the leading resources for Fitness Information

Valley Personal Fitness - Bakersfield, CA is a Personal Training and Kickboxing company in ready and willing to assist, teach and guide you through a customized program. - Children's exercise, fitness, and dance videos. We have everything from Elmocise to instructional dance to yoga.

40 - Speed training.

BuildingYourBody Home Fitness, Exercises & Workouts! - Online fitness programs, exercises & workouts. Download Free Exercise Reference Chart. Get in your best shape ever.

Bakersfield, CA  Personal Training - Dr. Cristi Doll, clinical nutrition practitioner and personal trainer in Bakersfield uses Ready Set Go Fitness training strategies for her clients. Email:
(661) 706-6836

LFA Tai Chi - Health Arts really can improve your health!

Amy's Fitness - Fitness is healthy living. - Workout routines, Weightloss - Free workout routines for putting on lean muscle, weightloss information and articles - offers information and treatment options about tendonitis symptoms, treatment and relief.

FitWise.Com - Free Health & Fitness Information. Software and Website Links.

Total Shape - a personalized Toning & Shaping System designed for ladies that teaches Smart Training & Eating.

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Weight Loss, Weight Gain, Body Shaping, Fitness & Nutrition Programs - Pinnacle Fitness Consultants is a fitness & nutrition company that specializes in improving life via proper nutrition and exercise. - Finally, an intelligent alternative to the floor Pushup. It's simply a better pushup!

Global -Top rated fitness Website.

Body Tracker - Everything you need to calculate and record your body fat percentage, and more! Great for individuals, trainers, or gyms!

New England - New England Boxing Website

Fibromyalgia Support Center - Everything you need to know about fibromyalgia. Contains over eighty articles on fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome.

Fitness Link - Your Health and Fitness Resource!

In it for - Discover how your personality influences your approach to losing weight with "Thin from Within." Choose the program that's right for your personality.



Core Training- Mastermoves is the #1 Core Training System to build rock hard, lean and beautiful core muscle using a unique proven system to be lean, strong and Posture-Perfect!

The Joel Ellis Twenty Minute Fitness Solution
- 20 minute workouts posted Monday thru Saturday requiring little or no equipment to complete

Festival del Fitness - The Official Website of the Festival del Fitness

The Riekes Center for Human Enhancement - Teaching the world how to mentor children, teens and young adults through athletic fitness, creative arts, and nature studies.

Fitness Web Directory - Fitness info directory


Best health information
Web site

National Library of Medicine - explains surgery, diseases and tests here

Performance-boosting Speedsoles

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- informative Website

Web Mountain - If you're into mountain biking, you'll want to visit this site.

50 Plus Fitness Association

National Alliance for Youth Sports Great Web site for those over age 50


Fitness Connection Online - Online resources for fitness!



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