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On-location Speed Camps or presentations in Corpus Christi, TX, Las Vegas, NV,
Tucson, AZ, Springfield, MO, Manchester, England, Denver, CO, Charlotte, Dallas,
Valdosta, GA,
Toronto & Vancouver, Canada
, San Diego, CA

***Check for openings, call Kathy (everyone's best friend) toll free (866) 565-3311

Getting ready for the college or pro combines? You're at the right place!
You'll learn the Combine Start and Valsalva Acceleration Technique to help you
run your fastest 40 ever!

Barron Huber, Knoxville, TN, learns new speed technique for combines. SIGNED in SEC.
Now starting Soph fullback for a
top-ranked University in Alabama

Jerry Rice JR. learns the Combine Start during speed camp at the Riekes Center, Menlo Park, CA

Speed in college football dominates commentary during the post season. Why?
Speed wins. And you have to have it to play the game!

The BEST NEWS ....
... Speed is a skill set and can be improved!

IMPORTANT NOTE: Speed is not just genetics, as once thought.
It has been scientifically proven numerous times that everyone can learn how to
increase their speed, quickness and agility. Many superstar athletes use speed coaches

State Champion - Oklahoma
Casey Smalley wins in 200 meters

"Please tell Phil that
I ran a 4.45  40 at the NIKE combine in Oxford, MS, that was the fastest defensive back time there and 4th fastest overall, and my vertical was a 32.9. I was pretty pumped after the 40.
Thanks again for all you taught me.
Your speed techniques work!
- Casey Smalley (SIGNED as a DB)

Marlon McCree, Safety Denver Broncos 2008
strength training at 24 Hour Fitness Denver
after speed technique training on the track

Marlon McCree using speed to make big plays
in post season for the 07 San Diego Chargers

"One key principle of training is you can't train the body to move faster by training slow. It's simple; muscles adapt. And long, slow running trains the body to run slow. One more time, slow running teaches your body to be slow! Our training methods use overspeed training with perfect technique to re-program the brain, nervous system, and the body to move faster than ever before. Athletes and parents attending the two-day personal training, or small group training at their location, will learn perfect technique and how to train for speed, strength and flexibility when they return home."
- Phil Campbell, Speed Coach & team speed consultant, Fitness book author and creator of the Sprint 8 cardio program now featured in award-winning Vision Fitness cardio equipment. He is a contributing author for 9 Key Elements of Fitness published by Peak Performance, and author of Ready, Set, GO! Synergy Fitness, now in the 2nd edition 6th printing.

***Check for openings, call Kathy - toll free in the US (866) 565-3311

Lami Sama, World Class Sprinter from Amsterdam, Holland, traveled 24 hours with personal trainer Hank Frans to learn the latest acceleration techniques. Lami and Hank are speed coaches and teach advanced speed training techniques in Holland   

How experts predict performance of college athletes?
New research reveals 40 yard sprint and the 5-10-5 pro-shuttle
best predict actual performance. See study details here

Speed Camp on the road in Texas
Texas - Top rated 4A high school coach Phil Danaher (84% wins making him one of the
most successful high school coaches of all time) and sponsor Todd Whetsel prepare
Calallan HS in Corpus Christi (preseason ranked # 2) with advanced speed techniques.

Illinois - Top Ranked O'Fallon (Illinois) Panthers performing specific speed building drills
plyos during an on-site Seed Camp. Todd Moeller, Athletic Director arranged for
all athletes to receive preseason professional speed training.

Speed training open dates are limited.
***Check for openings, call Kathy (731) 352-4900, or toll free in the US (866) 565-3311 
BEST VALUE: Groups of 3-5 or more athletes and teams can arrange special
on-site speed training sessions

Oprah's O Magazine calls Phil Campbell's cardio fitness program
The Fastest Working Workout

Coach, will professional speed training
help your team?

What if -- your team was two steps faster ?
How would this impact your season?

Our speed training for teams typically yields
a team average improvement of::
Football Teams     -    Two steps faster  
Soccer Teams  -     Two - Three steps faster
Baseball Teams -   Two - Three steps faster

Basketball teams -  Two - Three steps faster

California - State Champions - Woodside High School football team (left) learning arm mechanics for speed. Before Coach Steve Nicolopulos brought in Phil Campbell's two-session speed training, Woodside had a 2 -7 record. The next season (after speed training), Woodside achieved a 13 - 0 perfect season and plaques for Coach of the Year and Northern California State Championship.


40 Speed Video
Now available!

How to Run Your Fastest 40 EVER!
Our Guarantee - If you don't run your fastest 40 ever after following our speed development program for 30 days, we'll give you a full refund. It's that simple!


Perfect gift for athletes -
he Speeding Ticket athletes love to receive!

Soccer athlete Topher Huang and dad Jeff , Claremont, CA

Football / baseball athlete Nick Thomas, with parents Dr. Jay and LeJune Thomas, Concordia, Kansas


Top Recruits, RB, Dominique Allen (Rivals #5 in US) &
QB Marsalis Teague (
Mr. Football & TN Gatorade Player of the Year), Henry Co. High School in Paris TN (4A), work on advanced speed technique during & fast-fiber the off season. SIGNED with Top ranked D-1 in Louisiana and Florida.

Dr & Mrs Adcock with sons Scott Hudson, Garret Adcock,
and Chris Adcock,
a top 2010 national recruit from Dallas.
UPDATE: Dallas Christian HS won 14 straight games
and won the DII Texas State Championship

"You came to our workout Saturday," writes Coach Rich Drafter, Albuquerque, NM -- "My kids are thrilled with the speed DVD. They are enthusiastically following your flexibility stretching routine. Saturday, I brought my laptop to the track and set it up on a folding table on the edge of the track for the kids to watch you stretch, so it was as if you were there. Next week we start the drills and that will be another chapter to add to the team's story." - Rich Drafter

Levi Vedas (6'2" 275) and dad Marty travel from Valdosta Georgia for Combines Prep. Levi's team has won three back-to-back Georgia state championships.

Brandon Calhoun (6'3" 190 lb, 4.5, WR & 200 meter sprinter, HS Jr) and dad Ron, make father son trip from Louisiana for speed training.

Need speed? Recently, a D-1 University football team used Phil Campbell's program
for five weeks and 66 of their 88 athletes experienced a significant improvement in their 40 time of 1.5 to 2.5 tenths. This University football team is two-steps faster for the coming season.

 40 SpeedApplies Speed Development Research
See details about our training here

Phil Campbell has only worked with two men's college soccer teams. Both won their national
after he taught the team speed technique and fast-fiber training methods.
Need results?

JT Beasley, All-State tackle Dyersburg, TN and dad, Dr. Jeff Beasley, travel for individual speed & strength training prior to the combines.
SIGNED with a top 10 D-1 University.

Jerry Rice Jr. listens carefully to learn perfect technique for quick lateral movements - Menlo Park, CA

Girl's Soccer teams get results
with Phil Campbell's speed training techniques
During a recent on-location Soccer Speed Camp, teenage girls experienced significant improvement in only two training sessions.

20 yd sprint: avg. improvement .3 seconds (3.5 to 3.2)
40 yd sprint: avg. improvement .5 seconds
Standing long Jump: improvement 10 inches (5'5" to 6'3)
Flexibility: sit-and-reach measurement:
avg. improvement "4 inches"
Most athletes improve their 40 yard dash time by learning perfect speed technique by .2 to .5 seconds in only two sessions

"I come across many books as host of a fitness radio show. Phil Campbell's book is one of the most informative, well researched, and beneficial books I've read in some time. Everything is backed by a proven study, and the research is quite impressive." - Rory Karpf, Producer NFL Films

"When I was preparing for the pro football combines, I sought an experienced speed coach who would have me in peak condition the day of the tryouts. I found Speed Camp, and in a manner of weeks, I was running faster. In fact, I ran the second fastest time the scouts saw in 16 college visits. The results I received from speed training were worth the long trip to Jackson, TN. If you want to improve your speed, agility and quickness, Phil Campbell's speed technique training will get the job done." - Casey Childers, DB

Matt Hudson, QB, prepares for college combines. Matt is shown after throwing the winning touchdown pass in the state championship game with Dad, Doug Hudson, QB training coach and former NFL quarterback for Kansas City Chiefs & Green Bay Packers. Matt's Combines performance for the 6'1" 210 lbs QB: 4.1 shuttle, 18 reps bench, 4.68 in 40.

*** Check for openings, call Kathy (everyone's best friend) toll free (866) 565-3311 *** 
or email:

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Money back guarantee! It's simple, if you don't improve speed for your sport & you aren't 100% satisfied, payment will be refunded."Gift certificates available & credit cards accepted

Individual & small group Training Rates
Rates for Phil Campbell's COMBINES PREP, or his individual Speed /fast-fiber strength training, which includes basic & advanced speed techniques coupled with explosive strength & flexibility training techniques in Jackson, TN or at the Riekes Center in Menlo Park, CA are: One athlete = $500. Two athletes = $375 each. Three to five athletes = $300 each. Individual & small group training gets you two 3.5 hour sessions -- one speed session followed by a strength session, on two mornings. Your team, or small groups of athletes can sponsor Phil Campbell to come to your location. Parents are always welcomed and encouraged to attend sessions.

Call Kathy for openings  (731) 352-4900, toll free (866) 565-3311
or email


Rashad Rayner, MVP

DB / Receiver /
kick return specialist
Jackson Christian School
State Champions

"The individual speed & strength training really helped me prepare for football and track. I set goals early during the winter to increase my speed, strength, endurance & flexibility. Coach Campbell, your speed training sessions gave me the techniques and the understanding of how to use them to accomplish my goals. I'm truly thankful."
- Rashad Rayner, JCS

UPDATE: Starting DB



Run Your Fastest40 EVER!

Speed Video

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Our Guarantee - If you don't run your fastest 40 ever after following our speed development program for 30 days, we'll give you a full refund. It's that simple!

We're so confident that you'll discover new speed skills the very first time you see this video, we'll offer this guarantee; if you don't get faster from new speed techniques like the Combine Start, the Valsalva Acceleration Technique (turbo gear) after seeing this video the very first time, send the video back and we'll give you a full refund for the retail purchase price.

You don't have anything
to lose...
..but a few tenths
off your 40 time.

This offer applies only to videos purchased from Pristine Publishers on this Website.

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Chris Hohl, (4.39) Father Ryan HS, Nashville, football & track athlete practicing technique for explosive starts. SIGNED.

Sporting News

"Everyone is driving in the fast lane in the NFL, where the dominant factor at every position - and in every matchup - is speed, speed and more speed."

- Matt Crossman, "The Zoom Boom," Sporting News,
August, 25 2003

Football has gotten faster in the last decade - and will continue to do so - is inarguable....
Play in the NFL has reached amazing - yes, ludicrous - speeds, and it is changing the game, position by position."


Individual & small group Training Rates

Rates for Phil Campbell's SPEED CRASH COURSE or his Speed /Strength training program, which includes basic and advanced speed techniques coupled with explosive strength training techniques in Jackson, TN or at the Riekes Center in Menlo Park, CA are:
One athlete = $500
Two athletes = $375 each Three athletes = $300 each
-- Individual & small group training includes two 3.5 hour sessions - one speed session followed by a strength session, on two mornings.

Call Kathy for openings
toll free
(866) 565-3311

Money back guarantee! It's simple, if you don't improve speed for your sport & you aren't 100% satisfied, payment will be refunded.

Speed Ticket Gift certificates available. Credit cards accepted.



Andrew Summersett, Texas High, Texas travels to Jackson, TN for Speed - Strength training. SIGNED



Phil Campbell's
Sprint 8
cardio program
is the featured program on
award-winning ellipticals, upright & recumbent bikes and treadmills made by

Vision Fitness

High School All-American,
Josh Liles. SIGNED with a top-rated SEC University.
UPDATE: Starting outfield

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