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Almonds are a rich source of protein. Occasionally they get a bad rap.

Because nuts are high in fat, people with cholesterol problems are frequently told to avoid nuts. Since nuts are so high in fat, they're to be avoided right? Wrong, say researchers in a new study.

A team of nutrition researchers investigated the issue of whether or not nuts make good snacks because of their fat content. The results are surprising.

Rocky Balboa vs. Apollo Creed

Just like in the movie, where Rocky is the underdog and no one believes he has a prayer against Apollo Creed; researchers staged a competition with an underdog against the champion of healthy snacks .

In one corner, you have the world champion of healthy snacks, and never defeated...WHOLE...wheat.... bran... muffins - in the other corner, high in fat ... almonds.

Research discovery

After a month long study, the almonds won. They beat the daylight out of bran muffins.

Researchers reported, "Almonds used as snacks in the diets of hyperlipidemic (high cholesterol) subjects significantly reduce coronary heart disease risk factors, probably in part because of the nonfat (protein and fiber) and monounsaturated fatty acid components of the nut."

Almonds actually outperformed bran muffins in the ability to reduce fat circulating in the blood.

The Take Home

Don't throw out the bran muffins, they're still great snacks. Consider trying almonds. They're rich in protein and helpful in lowering cholesterol.

Have a great day!

Phil Campbell, Author Ready, Set, GO!
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