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Top Health Information

National Library of Medicine
explains surgery,
diseases and tests here

Exercise motivation articles


Motivation to Get Fit! - Tips on How to keep the Commitment
Yoga for ADD
The Secret of Losing Fat - Crank Up the Intensity
Redefining Age
How to keep the Resolution
The Ultimate Baby-Bummer Bummer
Exercise prevents stroke

Tri athlete training articles

The Five Most Common Training Mistakes (and How to Avoid Them) by Siri Lindley


Exercise "how to" articles

Selecting exercise equpiment
Truth about exercise - what the infomercials don't tell you
Top Fitness Training Mistake
High-intensity sprinting can increase HGH by 530%!


Diet & Nutrition

Drinking Water - the Key to Losing Weight; Maia Appleby

Sports Nutrition

Love those endorphines
New Antioxidant Discovered
Don't Forget the Cranberries
L-Glutamine helps release HGH growth hormone
World Champion Healthy Snack Takes a Whipping
The 25-grams of Protein - QUICK LIST


Weight training

Isolation - Key Weight Training Principle
Working triceps



Plyometrics - Developing Fast Muscle Fiber
Women - cut bodyfat with exercise-induced growth hormone
The Sprint 8 Workout



Will the Real Fitness Hormone Please Stand up!


Exercise for middle-age adults

Cure for the middle-age spread
How NFL Players Play well in Middle-Age
Senior Games
Reducing Heart Disease Risk with Exercise
Redefining Age
Exercise Capacity Predicts Longevity


Weight loss

Obesity causes cancer
The Secret of Losing Fat - Crank Up the Intensity

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