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The Ultimate Baby-Boomer Bummer

Medicare drying up, 401 K's down, what more bad news can there be for middle-aged adults? The Somatopause, that's what. The sa-mot-a-what?

The somatopause (sa-mot-a-pause) is the name scientists give to the metabolism slow-down, and loss-of-energy condition that begins in the mid-30s. For the 80 million plus baby boomers in the US, somatopause is the ultimate baby boomer bummer.

Symptoms of the somatopause are weight-gain, especially around the middle; loss of bone density; and declining energy and sex drive. Bad cholesterol goes up, good cholesterol goes down, and skin begins to wrinkle.

"The somatopause is related directly to the decline of growth hormone (a natural substance produced by the body) during aging," says author Phil Campbell, in a book on anti-middle-aging, health and fitness.

It's no secret that several well-known actors take growth hormone injections for its anti-aging, youth rejuvenating properties. And growth hormone injections have been banned for athletes because of its ability to improve performance.

"Growth hormone is given to children with clinical stature growth problems to help them grow normally," says Campbell, "growth hormone therapy does not make adults grow taller, but it does reverse some important clinical effects of aging."

Campbell cites biomedical research showing that increasing growth hormone can produce an average 14 percent loss in body fat and an 8 percent gain in muscle for older adults. Researchers also report improvements in skin, bone density, and cholesterol.

Can the fountain of youth be purchased with a physician's prescription and $1,000 a month, the current cost for growth hormone therapy? Campbell says there is a better way.

"This is great news for middle-age adults," says Campbell, "these new biomedical discoveries tell us how to get the anti-middle-aging, athletic improving benefits of increasing growth hormone naturally without injections.

Specific forms of exercise, some inexpensive nutritional supplements, and adequate deep sleep, will do the job naturally, he says.

In his book, "Ready, Set, Go! Synergy Fitness for Time-Crunched Adults," (Free chapter at Campbell, former hospital administrator turned author, uses 160 biomedical research studies and 300 photo-illustrations to show readers that his program, called Synergy Fitness, will help adults get the benefits of increasing growth hormone, but through natural means.

"Researchers show that the short-burst types of anaerobic exercise like sprinting, high-intensity cycling and swimming will significantly increase growth hormone in your body, naturally-without injections," says Campbell.

"Most people I talk with about fitness want to feel good, lose weight, restore their energy and appearance to youthful levels," says Campbell, "and most want a lean, muscular, sprinter's physique. That's what increasing growth hormone naturally can do if you follow the right type of fitness program."

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