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How do middle-age pros continue?

Fitness book author says, "It's the way they practice."

How do the older NFL players stay in great shape and keep playing beyond their time? It's the "anaerobic exercise" that they perform during practice, says health and fitness book author Phil Campbell.

"Anaerobic exercise - the hard and fast, sprinting types of exercise - is shown by medical researchers to make the body produce significant amounts anti-aging growth hormone," says Campbell, age 50 and author of a fitness book (Ready, Set, GO! Synergy Fitness - Pristine Publishers $19.95).

It's widely reported that several well-known entertainers take growth hormone injections for the anti-aging, body fat cutting, muscle toning, youth rejuvenating properties. And growth hormone has been banned because of its ability to improve performance.

Campbell cites new research that shows the types of workouts performed by NFL players can make the body increase this hormone by 530%. And this keeps older NFL players "strong, lean and muscular," says Campbell.

"The middle-age NFL players may have more birthdays than their younger counterparts, but their anaerobic workouts are releasing the most powerful, anti-aging substance known in science. So it shouldn't be a surprise when an older pro player continues to perform great for many years.," says Campbell.

"Growth hormone injections are given to children with clinical stature growth problems to help them grow normally," explains Campbell, "however, it does not make adults grow taller, but it does reverse several measurable clinical factors of the middle-age spread, which has been named 'the somatopause' by researchers." The middle-age somatopause is signified by energy decline, weight-gain (around the middle, and hips), loss of muscle, and wrinkled skin after the age of 30.

There are two cures for the middle-age somatopause, explains Campbell, HGH injections, which have serious side-effects, and anaerobic exercise. "Anaerobic exercise should be a part of every fitness routine," says Campbell. However, he cautions that physician clearance and a progressive build-up of the high-intensity exercise is necessary to prevent injury.

Campbell cites 160 biomedical research studies in his book, Ready, Set, Go! Synergy Fitness and some of these studies show that increasing growth hormone can result in an 8% gain in muscle and a 14% loss in body fat.

"The welcome message of Campbell's book is that you can multiply your body's supply of HGH safely and naturally." - Art Carey, Philadelphia Inquirer

"To look at Campbell today, at 50, you might mistake him as a poster boy for liposuction. But he found a natural way to trim down to a rock-hard 200 pounds from 235. What's more, he eliminated his dependence on cholesterol drugs and set the somatopause meter spinning into reverse." - Jack Williams, San Diego Union Tribune

"I was amazed at the results I achieved in body flexibility, strength and endurance. Most of all I was able to accomplish this with a very reasonable time investment. This fitness plan is practical, scientifically-based and meets my goals for good health now and into the future."
- Dr. Keith Williams, OBGYN

Ready, Set, Go! Synergy Fitness is available online and at bookstores nationwide.

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