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Health and exercise expert Phil Campbell, M.S., M.A., FACHE, age 50, will show you how to look years younger, and how to achieve optimum health and fitness by increasing HGH, your body's anti-aging, "fitness hormone" - naturally.

Ready, Set, Go! Synergy Fitness, now in the 2nd edition, will show you that you can naturally increase HGH growth hormone levels by 530% through specific forms of exercise. Campbell's book is the key to weight-loss, improved energy, better health, and the cure for the middle-age "somatopause"…

Somatopause is also known as the "middle-age spread", and is signified by energy decline, weight-gain (around the middle, and hips), loss of muscle, and wrinkled skin after the age of 30. Just a few hours a week on Campbell's program can lead you to optimum youthful health & fitness. 160 biomedical research studies are cited in the revolutionary book, Ready, Set, Go! Synergy Fitness and some of these studies show that increasing HGH can result in an 8% gain in muscle and a 14% loss in body fat.

Campbell wants you to do the opposite of what you've been told:

The focus of Ready, Set, Go! Synergy Fitness is not on endless hours of aerobic exercise, but on the incredible benefits of anaerobic exercise on the body's hormone release system. Short bursts - lasting 10 to 30 seconds - of intense activity can induce your body to naturally release HGH growth hormone by 530%, which is the substance that keeps you looking and feeling young.

Author contact Information:
Phil Campbell
(731) 352-4900

"I was amazed at the results I achieved in body flexibility, strength and endurance. Most of all I was able to accomplish this with a very reasonable time investment. This fitness plan is practical, scientifically-based and meets my goals for good health now and into the future."
- Dr. Keith Williams, OBGYN

"The welcome message of Campbell's book is that you can multiply your body's supply of HGH safely and naturally." - Art Carey, Philadelphia Inquirer

"To look at Campbell today, at 50, you might mistake him as a poster boy for liposuction. But he found a natural way to trim down to a rock-hard 200 pounds from 235. What's more, he eliminated his dependence on cholesterol drugs and set the somatopause meter spinning into reverse."
- Jack Williams, San Diego Union Tribune

Author contact Information:
Phil Campbell
(731) 352-4900

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