O Magazine calls Phil Campbell's
Sprint 8 program "cardio The fastest-working workout!"

Similar to Michelle in your article (in O Magazine), I jogged and worked out but still managed to weigh 210 at age 43. Now at age 50, I weigh 180 (6ft tall) and I am in the best condition of my life.I started running the Sprint 8 workout in 2003 and it worked!

I experienced a few hurdles like heart disease, prostate cancer (with surgery) and exercise-induced asthma but I always went back to running the Sprint 8 workout.

My heart doctors could not believe I was not experiencing pain during the sprints. They found 60-70% blockage in a main artery. My family doctor said, "Wow you're that tuned up? Your body must have found other mechanism to satisfy the oxygen need during sprints." He purchased Phil Campbell's book and uses it for himself and his patients.

My urologist/surgeon said I would recover from surgery easily due to my conditioning. And, I no longer need the Advair asthma medication.

If I had not found Phil Campbell's book, I would have been either a heart patient or a heart statistic by now. But I'm stronger and more energized than ever before. Some of my colleagues are astonished at my energy level. Thanks to Phil Campbell! - Brian

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